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PhD at TU Eindhoven Desember 2, 2008

Posted by bangzenk in S3 - PhD.

Dear colleagues,

we still have a vacancy to offer for an interested student with knowledge in
methods of data analysis. The Ph.D. position at Eindhoven University of
Technology (NL) is
funded for 4 years. If you are interested in analyzing disclosure and use of
information in
different social contexts then you should consider applying. Deadline is
December 18.

I’m available for any questions you might have.

Best regards,
Uwe Matzat

The Eindhoven University of Technology has the following vacancy

PhD student on the project “Surfing the information waves: Finding, revealing,
and evaluating
information online”

at the School of Innovation Sciences.

Job description
The Ph.D. student is expected to do research leading to a Ph.D. thesis in the
project “Surfing
the information waves: Finding, revealing, and evaluating information online”.
At the core of
this project lies the question how people deal with the reliability of
information on the Internet,
to what extent the formal and informal mechanisms that facilitate reliable
exchange of
information offline have online equivalents, and to what extent new online
mechanisms and
tools are and can be developed to facilitate reliable information exchange.

Typical questions of interest are: How do people discern useful and reliable
information from
useless and unreliable information in online settings? How can users be
motivated to provide
reliable information and how can the provision of unreliable information be
minimized? To
what extent do the answers to these questions depend on the kind of online
setting? For the
project we anticipate doing research in several areas of application, such as
information sites and groups, social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, Plaxo,
Xing, etc), and general economic and consumer sites, such as eBay, Amazon.

The candidate should have a Masters degree (or equivalent) in the social
(sociology, psychology, political or communication science), excellent knowledge
and skills in
quantitative methods of data analysis, and familiarity with new forms of online
communication. Most of all, we are looking for someone with a natural curiosity
with respect
to online interaction of any kind. Knowledge about theories pertaining to the
topic in (social)
psychology or sociology would be an additional asset. The candidate should be
proficient in
English (speaking and writing).

The candidate will work at the school of Innovation Sciences at the Department
Technology Management at Eindhoven University of Technology (NL), at the Chair
Sociology of Technology and Innovation. Research interests in and around that
generally include the way in which humans interact with technology and how that
can be improved, both from the user-level as from the level of policy- making.
information can be found at:


Conditions of employment
We offer a (full-time) Ph.D. position for 4 years. Gross salaries are in the
range of EUR 28K
gross per annum in the first year and EUR 35K during the fourth year and include
benefits (e.g. technical infrastructure, child care, sports facilities). A small
teaching load can
be part of the job.

Send your application or requests for further information by email to Prof. dr.
C. Snijders
(c.c.p.snijders `at´ tue.nl). The application should consist of a motivation for
your application,
and extended curriculum vitae, a description of your obtained scientific degree,
and a list of
courses and the grades you obtained for those courses.



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