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Post Doctoral Opportunities on Climate Change Research for Sustainable Development Oktober 4, 2008

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The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) invites applications for
postdoctoral fellows or research associates in their thematic research
area of Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

AIT is in the process of consolidating, strengthening and expanding
research in response to climate change in the areas of technology,
policy and planning, managerial and institutional arrangements. This
opportunity will be in climate change science, mitigation of green
house emissions, vulnerability aspects, adaptation measures to climate
change, and more. In this effort, AIT plans to continue its work in an
interdisciplinary manner, cutting across research that explores:

* How science influences policy, economic planning for governance
and enabling mechanisms;
* Application of energy efficient and renewable energy
technologies, linking rational energy use to adaption/impact of
climate change vulnerability in a geographic context;
* Building resilience in urban, rural and coastal communities and
social groups;
* Research on increasing carbon sequestering, including
appropriate agricultural practices through selection and management of
crops and vegetation, assessment of GHG emission in rice-based farming
* Efficient technologies for treating waste which mitigates GHG
emissions and facilitates energy recovery;
* Efficient use of water resources, water hydrology, land use;
* Biofuel and food security challenges;
* Linkages to Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s);
* Planning for new cities and other infrastructure development,
prevention of further investments on unsuitable locations and
vulnerability mapping using GIS;
* Use of sensors and nanotechnology-based devices for detecting of
atmospheric changes;
* Business opportunities as a result of climate change adaptation
and mitigation, etc.

Positions are open to individuals with recent PhD degrees in a
relevant area which may go beyond those mentioned above. Candidates
working in new evolving interdisciplinary areas of research are
encouraged to apply. The initial period of the appointment will be for
a period of one year and may be extended depending on the potential
seen in the candidate to work independently, attract funding for the
projects, and produce publications derived from the work carried out
at AIT, etc. The compensation and benefits to the candidates will
depend on experience and qualifications.

Interested candidates should email curriculum vitae including the
names and contact information of 3 references. Candidates should also
provide a brief write up on the research he/she expects to carry out
in the near future. This should include how such work can help AIT
create a niche for itself in the area and enlarge the knowledge base.
The names of agencies which may be able to support such work should
also be included. The positions will remain open until suitable
candidates are selected. Clarification, if any, may be sort from Prof.
S.K.Rakshit, Vice President, Research, vpresearch@…. Please
send in your applications to hro@….

More information please follow this link



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